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Elvis Barker: Bio

Elvis Barker

Unlike most singers Elvis Barker didn't choose to sing, he was choosen to sing. Elvis Barker never dreamed of being a singer or songwriter. At age 26 Elvis Barker didn't own a gituar and couldn't play the first chord. Then one day he received his calling. Elvis Barker was called to sing. No one was more shocked than he was but he knew that the Lord knows what he's doing. So Elvis Barker went out and bought a guitar. He learned to play a little and one day Elvis Barker wrote his first song. Elvis Barker has written several songs and each time he writes one it confirms that Elvis Barker have truly found his calling. Elvis Barker recorded his first CD and everything went great.
It’s been a long time since Elvis Barker's last CD, he wondered if he would ever get to record another one, but here it is. They say all things happen for a reason and Elvis Barker believe that’s true.
In 1999 everything was going his way. Elvis Barker signed a record deal with a label out of California, got a $20,000.00 signing bonus and signed a songwriting deal also. A friend of Elvis Barker's got a contract to build explosion proof buildings for Exxon and Elvis was going to build the air condition brackets for him. Elvis was going to get to work at his house two weeks out of the month then go to Nashville and write songs for the other two weeks. Elvis Barker went to Nashville, met with Buddy Cannon and Norrow Wilson, two of Nashville’s top producers, who were going to produce Elvis Barker's album. Buddy sent Elvis a lot of songs to listen to for his album. Things were perfect, so he thought.

Until the $20,000.00 check bounced, the record label went bankrupted, Elvis' friend lost the contract with Exxon and if that’s not enough the air conditioner in Elvis' house went out. Elvis Barker thought his world was crashing down on him and that things couldn’t get any worst.

Then Elvis Barker's wife of 24 years started getting sick. In August of that same year she was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer and Elvis realized that all the other things that seemed so important to him were really not that important. Elvis Barker quit work to take care of Jeannie for the next five months. She passed away on Jan.14, 2000. As you might imagine that cause Elvis Barker to lose his way for a while but hopefully, Elvis Barker's back on track.